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About me

I am pleased with your interest in my work. I have been professionally engaged in photography for about seven years. I worked in my career with many big companies and enterprises as a photographer of portrait, interior and product. For many years I focused on wedding photography and arranged photography as a court photographer for Horse and Glamor s.r.o., where we focused on photographing clients with film horses. During my work as a photographer, I studied History of Christian Art at Charles University, which still greatly influences my thinking and work.

The fairy-tale themes have accompanied me since the very beginning of my work. The main concern, however, has become in recent years when I had to limit my work because of health problems that persist to this day. I appreciate every day when I can create my fairy tale pictures.

Right in these few last years, I have won many awards for my fantastic, fairy tale work at home and abroad. I won first place in the London Monovision award in the Portrait category, third place in the Fine art photo award in the same category. I also got second place in Barcelona's Dodho magazine, thanks to which I was invited to participate in an exhibition in Paris in between the world's top fine art photography (Broken Shaden, Bella Kotak, Lara Zankoul and others). My photos were selected by the association of professional photographers among the Czech national team at the WPC. In 2022, I received the title of photographic muse of the year 2022 in the New York competition, where I became the absolute winner among photographers from 50 countries of the world.

 I am currently collaborating with the American magazine Enchanted living and Czechoslovak Photography, for which I write articles about my work. 

  Due to personal experience, however, I am increasingly involved in charitable and artistic projects that bring a deeper meaning and purpose to my work. With my stories, I would like to give people love, sympathy and admiration for nature. I would also like to pass with my story that we must never give up, despite all the difficulties, I would never believe that I will stand where I am today ...

Marketa Novak Leupoldová

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