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About me

  I am very pleased to see your interest in my work and I hope that together we may capture your dreams and ideas. =)
  I have been a professional photographer for over thirteen years. Through this beautiful and poetic work I have met many amazing clients, personalities and artists. The clients who come to me are absolutely amazing people, I am grateful to be chosen by people who resonate with my mindset and worldview. 
  The aim and intention of my artwork is to offer people a moment of pause, a reverie in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I would like to convey love, understanding and admiration for nature through my photographs. My work is a celebration of nature and the beauty of the world.
  Fairytale themes have accompanied me since the beginning of my work. However, I have also done concert and event photography, wedding photography, business portraits, interiors and products. This work became my primary genre only when I had to drastically reduce my work due to health problems. It was during these difficult years that I began to win many awards for my fantasy work both here and abroad. My work took a new direction and thanks to international awards from Tokyo, London and Barcelona I was offered to participate in an exhibition in Paris among the best photographers of the fine-art genre (Broken Shaden, Bella Kotak, Lara Zankoul and others). I have always accepted these professional pleasures as a reflection that photography truly comes from my heart and therefore appeals to other people. In 2022, as a culmination of my work, I was named the 2022 Photography Muse of the Year from New York, where I was the overall winner among photographers from 50 countries.
  My great joy is the collaboration (cover) for the American magazine Enchanted living, which is followed by several million people around the world. I love it when my photographs take on a life of their own and speak to other creative souls around the world. So I am very excited about cross-genre collaborations with writers and musicians who choose my photographs for book and CD covers.
  In recent years, I have also been collaborating with the magazine Československá fotografie for which I create articles on original photography and write interviews with interesting artists. I like to help talented and creative people who deserve it with their diligence and talent.
   As a result of personal experience, I have been involved in a number of charity and art projects that bring a deeper meaning and purpose to my work.
Worth mentioning are, for example, the calendar for the film Gump (the proceeds went to shelters), I am part of nature (which supported non-profit organizations and rescue stations), (Not) Discovered Faces of Monuments, where I created an edition about the beauty of our country in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute and the Czech Savings Bank. I can only do these projects thanks to custom photography, so I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all my clients, without whom it would not be possible. =)

I would also like to use my personal story to pass on to people my own experience that we must never give up, despite the health difficulties I had to overcome I would not believe where I would stand today. Thank you...

Marketa Novak Leupoldová

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