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I enjoy the world with my dog - 2020 calendar
(charity organization)

I enjoy the world with a dog is an organization that perceives animals as people's closest friends. And the trust of animals in humans is for us the greatest honor that we must protect.
We don't have to change the whole world. It is enough if we save the lives of specific animals, because in doing so we will change their world forever. Every year, the organization prepares a photo calendar with famous personalities. The photos help the dogs find a new home, and the amount collected here goes to the selected shelter or the dogs in need.
I have fun with my dog, the world also organizes concerts, exhibitions, auctions, we sell products with our logo and much more. She supports those who are left alone, she saves those whom others have written off, she fights where they have given up. Please help them bring others who need it back to life. Thank you...
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Klára Issová and Max





Photo story:

For the fact that I am not even three years old, I have been through as many shelters and homes as any other dog. The joke is that none of them were real. I'm always looking for a home with a capital D. 🐕I'm Max and I don't think about anything else but cuddles and games. 😍That is, with people. One bed, another, I was sleeping in the duvets for a while and suddenly I'm looking out through the bars of the shelter. Like a balloon that you inflate, don't tie, and blow up. Zig zag, here and there. As a result, I'm quite jealous of other dogs, I want to have people all to myself. I hate other animals too, I'm just more of an only child alone in the forest.. But, believe me, I'll still work on myself!! 💌💌I want to learn, I need to have a reason , some sense, I need my man! For someone to hold me a little in my life. And today the beautiful Klára Issová held me.! 🙏🙏 Thank you very much too Marketa Novak / Photographer  for this photo full of hope. 
Thanks! Your Max♥️

Max is a big mutt, neutered, a cross between a Stafford and a shepherd, his original family wouldn't let him into the house, he started running away, they handed him over to the Bull shelter Čáslav, and then his life just alternated between shelters and other temporary owners. No one raised him, so it is necessary to work with him, to give order to his life. Of the animals, he can only tolerate a calm, balanced female.
Little De De 
Contact: 602 259 705


Zuzana Jandová and Miki





Photo story:

It was cold when we took this photo. It rained all day, I could feel the drops under my hair. I'm Miki. I am four years old and I spent it all alone in the middle of a family where I was not interested in anyone at all. And why was this photo created? You know, I can't find a new home, I've been looking for it for a long time, I think I'm quite ready for it, so I'm asking you from the bottom of my heart if you can share this beautiful photo with your whole Facebook world.💌💌_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
It was really cold, but I felt a lot of warmth from the person who was holding me, I was also warmed by the sympathy and our hearts were very close. That heart is Zuzana Jandova, thank you very much for your help. It is very important when there is a fusion between a dog and a person, that is actually the most important thing. And maybe not just for us dogs. Maybe you guys are looking for happiness and peace in our furry arms. Thanks! Your Mickey

We present to you the first photo of next year's calendar. 
We are very happy to have started cooperation with an amazing photographer Marketa Novak / Photographer, which helps without claiming anything. 
We also want to thank you for your help Tereza Dellamária Make-up Artistria. 

Mikii - 4-year-old Yorkshire terrier, five kilos, non-conflicting with dogs, cuddly, absolutely clean, simply a dog's treasure
Thanks for taking care of Miki Dočasky De De - Dita and Terez
Info: 602 259 705



Zuzana Jandová and Miki




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