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Quiz - Lord of the ring

Pro zábavu

Hi, I created a short quiz for a home themed party about whether
you are a hobbit, elf, human or dwarf. =D
I think it fit the characters and nature quite well, I was based on the way Tolkien described the individual races in the books =)

BE4A0353 kopief kopie.jpg


Instructions - add up the points, answer honestly and take it with humor =D

Then write me how it turned out, that's my reward =D

1) What time of day do you prefer?

a) Night (4 points)

b) Noon (3 points)

c) Morning (2 points)

d) Evening (1 point)




2) What brings you joy?

a) Music and culture (1)
b) Craft (4)  

c) A good snack (3)

d) A job well done (2)




3) Which animal would you choose?

a) Pig - it's useful (3)

b) Horse - it will take you where you need to go (2)

c) Donkey - it will take everything you need with it (4)

d) A cat - it is beautiful and distinctive (1)



4) Which holiday would you choose?


a) To see the world's collections and museums, to see the beauty of nature (1)

b) For sightseeing (2)

c) To discover local cuisine (3)

d) To get to know the local people and pubs (4)


5) What abstract image would you choose? 


a) Colorful unpredictability (2)
b) Good earth tones (3)

c) Soft bright colors of long strokes (1)

d) Who the hell is supposed to know this?    (4)


6) What clothes would you feel best in?


a) Elegant, dazzling (1)

b) Simple, that doesn't stand out (3)

c) Comfortable that looks good (2)

d) I really don't care, as long as it's something I can stand (4)

7) What day will you choose?


a) Breakfast together in the morning, then a job well done and an honest lunch, dinner with friends (2)

b) Breakfast with family in the morning, work in the garden, have a good lunch and snack, then a leisurely walk and rest in the backyard (3)

c) Breakfast with friends, then discussion on a deep topic, a light lunch and a cultural program in the evening (1)

(d) Then mainly to get down to useful work, have lunch together, then finish the work and in the evening go to the pub with friends for a good rest (4)


8) A film you would prefer

a) A proper comedy (3)

b) Something that will thrill, delight and move (1)

c) A bit of everything, romance, comedy and action (2)

(d) Action, make it action-packed (4)

9) Which martial instrument will you choose?

1) Bow and arrow (1)

2) Sword (2)

3) A pitchfork, whatever is handy, maybe a frying pan (3)

4) Sure, an axe or a mace (4)


10) What kind of drink would you choose?

a) Fruit or other tea (3)

b) Light fruit drink (1)

c) Beer (4)

d) I don't care (2)


11) Ideal counterpart

a) Skilled, steady, funny and harmonious (3)

b) Wise, educated person with depth and insight (1)

c) Entertaining, educated with charm (2)

d) Firm with clear opinions and attitudes, without fear (4)

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the quiz. Please don't take it too seriously and I apologize

for any mistakes (I can't see them no matter how many times I read it)



11-16 points - Elf

17-23 - Human

24-32 - Hobbit

33- further - Dwarf

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