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Thematic photography

Shooting idea:
This specific photo shoot is my great passion and fun. I love the process of finding charm and beauty in people. A form that they may not know themselves. Discovering together who they are, capturing how they feel, but today's world does not offer them to show their selves in full beauty.
I love to capture the beauty and tenderness of women and the strength, determination of men. I always take photos in nature, because it is we humans who come out of it and are internally connected with it. Animals are her go-between for me. Taking photos with them is not only a monument, but also an unforgettable experience. Cuddly Puštík Oskárek, wolf Demon with amber eyes, Stone table in the middle of the woods next to a magical lake with an overgrown island - this is my world and I offer you to enter it and experience together your and my view of it. To create a memory, a gateway to your realm and mine. How we feel and who we really are.

Shooting process
I recommend writing and arranging in person, the dates are busy and I do not list them on the website.

We start by meeting at a place designated by me, where I have rented facilities. Here, my make-up artist will prepare you and we will choose custom styling. Then we set off to the nearby nature, where photography takes place. You don't have to worry about communicating with you when taking photos and helping to create the right atmosphere for your photo =) Packages contain a low number of photos to ensure quality. In order for a photo to be good, we saw it for a longer time before we achieve an excellent result. However, it is possible to buy additional photos, which I send in the album for finishing. I usually edit and send photos over the Internet within two weeks. I always try to approach photography individually, each person is different and a different expression, atmosphere or color is suitable for him =)

I look forward to your story, which we will create together!

Photo packages and prices are listed in the submenu !!!

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