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Online courses

Due to the great interest, I have newly created online courses where you can learn and improve in the safety of your home. 
I try to conduct the courses as comprehensively as possible in order to pass on as much of my knowledge and experience to the participants as possible.


1) Portrait photography with individual consultation

2) Advanced course for photographers

1) Portrait photography with individual consultation

 Theoretical part 
- technical aspects of portrait photography
- suitable shooting angles
- working with a portrait subject (or choosing a model)
- how to work with light in the exterior and interior
- sources of inspiration

 Practical part
- basic and advanced portrait retouching
- color adjustment
- possibility of individual consultation of your work (30 minutes, possibly also advice on editing in the editor - example on Your computer via Teams)

The course lasts 3 hours. First, I will introduce you to the basic rules of portrait photography, then we will look at the specifics of certain types of portraits and types of people. We will talk about the technical parameters that you can use to enhance the tone of the portrait. We will show you where to get inspiration for quality portraits and what to watch out for. After that, we will look at graphic editing of photos and retouching. At the end, we will agree on individual consultations. The online course will take place via Teams. You will receive an invitation from me - you can apply online. 

Price: CZK 2,450

2) Advanced course for photographers (possibility of individual consultation)

I did this course only after 6-8 years of my photography practice and lecturing abroad. Trying to live up to expectations 
photographers who already know how to do it a little, but they may still miss some trivial in their work. Or just for colleagues who want to look under the hood of my work and thinking about photography.

 Theoretical part 
- how to work with inspiration (tips on interesting world photographers, competitions)
- rights and introduction to marketing (tips on where and how to present your photos)
- how to work with natural light, environment and choice of styling
- how to choose suitable models for your projects
- communication with the model 
- poses of models / clients
- appropriate and inappropriate poses when taking photos with a model
- how I work with my own photos in PS
- possibility to schedule an individual consultation about your work (30 minutes)

The course lasts 3.5 - 4 hours via Teams, which you can sign up for via an internet window. We will start by talking about the theory of photography. In this course, I offer a greater probe into the selection of the environment, working with light in the exterior, the selection of models and work with composition. Next, we will look at what to watch out for when photographing people (inappropriate shortcuts and poses, working with movement) how to choose a suitable composition and light at the chosen location. I will show you how I work with my photos in PS and what I pay attention to when editing and taking photos.

Price: CZK 2,800

You only become a serious bidder when you pay the price in full,
which is non-refundable for security reasons, space a profesionalů, thank you for your understanding =)

*I reserve the right to cancel the course in more serious circumstances
(then I return the deposit, or we replace the course with another date)



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