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Thematic and portrait photography:


I had the honor to take pictures with Markéta and I'm excited! The preparation and the photo shoot itself, in a magical forest with amazing "wolves", was a lifelong experience. Margaret is a very nice person and he will handle everything and the photos are beautiful! I definitely recommend it to everyone, you will not regret it !! Thank you very much to the whole team, and I believe it wasn't the last photo shoot :)


Taking a photo with Margaret was one of the most beautiful and powerful experiences of my life. Not only did she allow me to fulfill my childhood and at the same time my biggest life dream through her photographs, but she also allowed me to meet such a great person as Markéta. I can look at photos from her for hours and they still take my breath away. I can hardly believe that I'm really on them. There is so much feeling in them. Markéta is really a person in the right place, where she does her job with her heart. Thank you for a great experience and I will be looking forward to another photo shoot with such an amazing photographer =)


Shooting with owls was a very beautiful experience. Despite the fact that it started to rain during the photo shoot, Market conjured up beautiful photos. I felt good and relaxed in her presence. I definitely recommend taking photos with her and I'm already thinking about taking photos with wolves.
Thank you very much


I had trips and the joy of taking pictures with Marketa. Jake are her photos, so she impressed me too ... great! When I watched her at work, how to photograph what she can do from the shape, the view EXTRACT .... just an experience .... I want it again .. = D


I could not be happier, I am very grateful that I could meet Marketa.
She has an amazing talent, she knows exactly what she wants to show to others through her photos. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet again ❤




Thank you for the amazing fairy tale photos, but also for the unforgettable experience associated with the photo shoot itself. Beautiful place and perfect nice cooperation. It was an honor and a pleasure. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart and I hope we didn't see each other for the last time.


Thank you for an exceptional and unforgettable experience! Markéta is an amazing artist with a unique sense of beauty and atmosphere and has prepared a great team for us, thanks to which we enjoyed an exceptional experience. I really like the style in which people see the beautiful, not only from the outside ... :) Meeting owls was a dream come true and they were even more amazing than I expected. And the photos ... You just don't look. :) Every time you look at a person, the atmosphere and the magic of the moment breathe and always discover a new aspect in them. Thank you very much and I look forward to our next meeting! :) <3


Mila Markétko. I really want to thank you for the new knowledge I received thanks to your time, which you gave me from your life not only through the shutter of your lens. In nature, I felt incredibly SELF-MADE and rejoiced again after a long time as a small child. I felt that it was Me and the environment where the photos were taken was incredibly close to me. And what fascinated me the most was that no animals ran away from us ... on the contrary, because animals feel, perceive, accept or reject us… You do not capture in man what is only his human surface. Human souls speak without words from your photos. At least I can feel and perceive it from the photos in which you portrayed me. There is a mystic of tension in your photos. Time for you to stop yourself, to look inside yourself, which is an exceptional art and gift in the 21st century. Thank you


I tried what it's like to stand in front of the lens, not just behind it. : D
Taking photos with the Market was one of those beautiful experiences that will not be forgotten. Markéta was very nice and pleasant and the same goes for the rest of the team, including the dogs! :) If anyone is hesitant, go for it. Don't hesitate for a second, you won't regret it! The resulting photos are divine and will constantly remind you of a pleasant day. :) Thank you very much for everything! I hope to do it again. :)


An incredible experience, an incredibly talented Markéta and her assistant Nikča - this simply has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime! I will definitely be back 😉 Alena 🍀🌹


My best money spent. Apart from the fact that the photos are charming, I had great experiences in my head! A wonderful day spent in the company of two unique women (Markéta and her make-up artist Terez, whom I knew before). If you decide to take photos, you will not regret it! Thank you girls!


Markétka is an amazing photographer ❣️ Quite famous. I had a wonderful day and I have a memory for a lifetime ❣️Markétka is amazing 🌹🍀Thank you 😘


Thank you for a pleasant afternoon! Markéta does not only take pleasant pictures, she has a story for them, she combines them with her knowledge of history and she can tell about everything in an engaging way .. it is a precise work from beginning to end. I like professionals, I like people who can impress me. Photography with the Market is enriching ...


Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a person who thinks differently than most people, has different values, his own opinion, a sense of the beauty of art, but also his own ordinary way of seeing life. One who can emotionally and at the same time really capture the charm of a given moment, while leaving a magical touch of humanity on every piece. If someone told me that there is no person who fits all these "requirements", I would send him to Prague to find a great woman and a talented photographer named Markéta :) I am very happy to meet such a great person. Thank you :)


An unforgettable experience. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Markéta, who not only has incredible talent, but is also an amazing and nice person. Her photos have emotion, story and charm. I felt like someone else for a while, and thanks to these magical photos, I can keep this memory. I thank Markét <3 from the bottom of my heart


The photo shoot with Marketka was a truly extraordinary experience, during which I found myself in the realm of a fairy tale, shrouded in magic, mystery, at another time. Marketka is very patient and you know what she wants. The right light and the best time. He won't stop taking pictures until he finds it. I was also pleasantly surprised by how soft and cuddly owls can be. I sincerely recommend shooting with Marketka. Umi can be found in every person of karst. Even the one I don't notice. And then he can capture it in photos from the rise of Fantasy. Thank you, Marketko


If a person creates with his heart and soul, then the most beautiful and unforgettable works are created :-) Markéta is a beautiful example of this ❤ It was an honor and a pleasure to meet this amazing and lovely creature .. Thank you for this unforgettable experience of photography and for fulfilling one of dreams. .. Markétka THANK YOU ❤😘


Margaret, a sorceress who was able to capture my inner world and myself. THANKS THANK YOU, thanks to you, they will start to love you ❤️ A beautiful experience that I will never forget.


Thank you Markéta for a beautiful memory, an experience not to be forgotten. Her peace, which she has in her, she transferred to us. Thank you very much and we will definitely be back when the children grow up.


Markét and I took the second photo and in both cases I was extremely satisfied! The photo shoot itself is an experience, Markéta will handle everything and the resulting photos are beautiful. I definitely recommend and hope that we do something else in the future.


An indescribable experience with an amazing professional photographer and at the same time a very nice and relaxed woman. Her work is always original and fascinating. And when combined with that relaxing atmosphere and beautiful animals, it's a really powerful experience. It was definitely not the last photo shoot with Markéta.



I always longed for the fairy tale, for which I traveled all the way to Prague, where Carodejná Fotografka Markéta, waiting for me, a letter and all the amazing people who form one fantastic whole. Thank you for the opportunity, for the professionalism and the whole charm..It was a beautiful fairy tale with the Best Photographer :)



Thank you very much for the photos !! I was surprised by how I look there !!! No, I believed it was me! I like it very much! I expected them to be nice, but definitely not !! The best birthday gift! Thank you!



..the meeting with foxes was a dream come true for me, which I will remind me of the fairy tale photos of this young but very talented photographer :) .. thank you very much and I look forward to another "fairy tale" =)


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