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Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau style is very close to me. I like craftsmanship, perfection of details and floral motifs.
I am also very close to our national artist Alfons Mucha, who became famous
with their beautiful posters, where girls and nature intertwine in 
delicate ornaments.


Art Nouveau / Art Nouveau

Model: Laura Besser

_E4A2484afaeeee kopie.jpg


model: Marie Krobová

styling: Marketa Novak
award: Gold, Fine art: Tokyo international award 2021
3rd place: Fine art photography award 2021
TOP jury selection: International Photography award 2021


Golden fox

Model: Kristýna Zikmundová

BE4A8493a kopieweb.jpg
BE4A8720af kopie 2web.jpg
BE4A8493efa kopie 2web.jpg


Model: Marie Krobová



Model: Kamila Kubíková



Model: Anastasia Lysenko



Model: Marie Kružíková Renčová, Marie Krobová

Merging of two souls.._

Merging of two souls...

Model: Marie Krobová, Marie Kružíková Renčová
Award: Editors choice - 500px 2021


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