Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau style is very close to me. I like craftsmanship, perfection of details and floral motifs.
I am also very close to our national artist Alfons Mucha, who became famous
with their beautiful posters, where girls and nature intertwine in 
delicate ornaments.


Art Nouveau / Art Nouveau

Model: Laura Besser

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model: Marie Krobová

styling: Marketa Novak
award: Gold, Fine art: Tokyo international award 2021
3rd place: Fine art photography award 2021
TOP jury selection: International Photography award 2021


Golden fox

Model: Kristýna Zikmundová

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Model: Marie Krobová

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Personifications and attributes of justice have been around since ancient Egypt, where the scales motif was used as a symbol of justice. The personification of justice as we know it today first appears in Antica. This is a woman holding scales in her hand as she judges what is presented to her. He holds a sword in his other hand, because without some force it would not be possible to enforce justice. In the later period, especially from the 16th century, justice was also shown blindfolded, because it does not look at who is standing in front of it.
  However, many modern artistic concepts work with this element in a negative sense. This symbol often evokes in the first place that justice is blind (and therefore unjust). It is also very important to realize that it is justice that we link almost inextricably to law, which often does not seem entirely fair to us. (They don't always have to look at the story in full context)

model: Laura Besser




Model: Marie Kružíková Renčová, Marie Krobová

Merging of two souls.._

Merging of two souls...

Model: Marie Krobová, Marie Kružíková Renčová
Award: Editors choice - 500px 2021