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Wedding photos:



Newlyweds Mác

The kindest and nicest photographer we could meet. We found her by chance, but both the wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots were wonderful:-) She went out of her way to accommodate us in everything and if needed, she would even jump into the pond for a nice photo...or convince us to jump there:) - June 10, 2014


Newlyweds Vacation

One of the nicest people I've ever met. In addition, very clever. He does his work honestly and with love. We can't wait for the wedding photos. - 15 Aug 2014


Newlyweds Aries

Incredibly nice and smart lady! The whole time with her we were relaxed and cool and that's it! - April 5, 2015


Newlywed Drasnars

We were extremely satisfied with the work of the photographer. Thanks to her professional approach and interesting ideas, we obtained a number of beautiful images that look natural and capture the atmosphere. We appreciated the feeling for the composition and the artistic editing of the photos, which we will be happy to return to.




Newlyweds Šobr

We chose Markéta based on her wonderful work. The result of our wedding photography exceeded our expectations a million times. We can't decide which photos to frame - we'd prefer to hang them all :) Markétka even made a stiletto to take a nice picture of us. Group photos have a twist and a joke. The whole day is captured with emotions and my husband and I look like celebrities. Do not hesitate to choose Markét. Thank you very much once again! :)



The Kaiser newlyweds

Cooperation with our wedding photographer Markéta was professional and trouble-free. We enjoyed the official photo shoot and Markéta was able to create beautiful and natural photos from it, which I think really describe us. We were able to use our own spontaneous ideas, and Markéta calmly laid down on the pavement because of it Emoticon smile During the entire ceremony, on the contrary, we did not notice her at all and the photo shoot did not disturb us at all. The photos are beautiful and we love looking at them again and again. Friends say that they have never seen such professional and beautiful photos Emoticon wink




Newlyweds Prachar

Markéta photographed our wedding day, the entire photo shoot was very professional. Markét is very pleasant and always gives great advice. I definitely highly recommend her =)



Newlyweds Remiš

Photos are one of the few things that keep a vivid memory of our day alive.
Thank you very much for the wonderful friendly atmosphere, support and time you gave us so that these wonderful snapshots could be created. 



Newlyweds Hedija

Thank you so much for the wedding photography! Markéta was amazing, she knew exactly where to take the picture and you can tell by the result. We have wonderful wedding photos and great snapshots :)



Newlyweds Lovas

Markétka is not only a professional photographer who rolls barrels of grass for your perfect photo  your dreams... I hope that he will be with us in the next moments of our lives =)



Newlyweds Tesaro

Markétka is absolutely wonderful and I thank her once again for the absolutely wonderful photos that everyone praises :-) 



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