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Stylized photo shoot with a fox ("wolves" - Czechoslovakia)

  • Photography is intended for those who care about the condition and comfort of animals. (I work with proven breeders for years)

  • I have been involved in stylized photography for over 9 years. I always try to do the best job possible and offer you a similar quality of images with which I present myself and win awards at the international scene. 

  • I offer my clients a large selection of costumes and the work of professional make-up artists (choice of 80 dresses and styles)

  • I try to do my work honestly, so I pay attention to the minimum time of 30/40 minutes/customer.
    I try to achieve high quality photos and therefore I polish each one down to the smallest detail.

  • By taking photos, you always contribute to animal owners and give me the opportunity to collaborate on charity projects that I would otherwise not be able to devote myself to, for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart =)

* The photo shoot is adapted to the comfort of the animals, which is the most important thing for me and their owners!
* I do not take photos outdoors in case of thunderstorms and tropical temperatures! No picture is worth endangering your health or the health of animals
(In these cases, we choose the alternatives of the studio or the adjacent gardens)

Photo shoot idea:
This specific photography is my great passion and fun. I love the process of finding the grace and beauty in people. A form that they themselves may not know. I enjoy discovering who they are together, capturing how they feel, but today's world does not offer them to show their true selves in full beauty. I mostly take photos in nature, because we come from it and are intrinsically connected to it. Animals are for the connection between wildlife and us. Taking photos with them becomes not only a memory, but also an unforgettable experience. The cuddly Puštík Oskarek, the demon wolf with amber eyes, rocks in the middle of the woods next to a magical lake with an overgrown island - this is my world and I offer you to enter it and experience it together with your and my view of it. To create a memory, a gateway to your realm and mine. Of how we feel and who we really are. 

Photography progress 
I recommend writing and making an appointment in person, the dates are busy and I do not list them on the website.

We start by meeting at a place designated by me, where I have rented facilities. My make-up artist will prepare you here and we will choose a tailor-made styling. Then we go to the nearby nature, where the photo shoot is taking place. You don't have to worry, I communicate with you during the photo shoot and help create the right atmosphere for your photo =) The packages contain a small number of photos to ensure quality. In order for the photo to be good, we polish it for a long time before we achieve an excellent result. However, it is possible to purchase additional photos that I send with edited photos in the "For editing" album.
I edit the photos and send them over the Internet usually within two weeks. I always try to approach photography individually, every person is different and a different expression, atmosphere or color suits them =)

I look forward to your story, which we will create together! 

I offer a basic photo shoot package and two new luxury packages for more demanding clients

Amethyst – classic
The basic package, which includes the choice of styling and make-up, hairstyle in consultation with a make-up artist. This is a 30-minute photo shoot just for you. In this package, I always take three customers for a photo shoot, so the costs associated with the photo shoot are divided.
- make-up artist, make-up hairstyle 
- retouching and editing

- styling/costume (worth 1000,- newly included in the price!)

- 30 minutes of photography

- predators (owls or raptors), "wolves (Czechoslovak wolfdog)

- 4 photos (possible additional purchase of CZK 900 per piece)
Price 9,900 + 1,000 makeup artist - 

Exclusive Packs + Recommended! 

This package includes the choice of styling and make-up, hairstyle in consultation with a make-up artist. This is a 40-50 minute photo shoot just for you. In this package, I am taking two customers for a photo shoot, so part of the costs will be split.
- make-up artist, make-up hairstyle 
- better handling of adjustments and retouching
- styling / possible changing of the second styling
- 40-50 minutes of photography
- predators (owls or raptors), "wolves (Czechoslovak wolfdog) - possibly another animal by agreement
- 6 photos (possible additional purchase of CZK 1,200 per piece)
Price 14,900 + 1,200 make-up artist

In this luxury package, I offer my time and vision only to you. I will try to approach your individuality and dreams specifically, we can alternate up to three types of styling.  This is a 70-9
0 minutes photoshoot and 8 resulting photos
- make-up artist, make-up hairstyle (later change)
- three stylings (possible borrowing of dresses in friendly salons)
- format for better printing and possible communication with the printer (ensuring printing)
- precise retouching and more demanding color post-production (possibly more options for individual photos)
- location changes
- 90-110 minutes of photography
- predators (owls or raptors), "wolves (Czechoslovak wolfdog) - possibly another animal by agreement
- 8 photos (possible additional purchase of CZK 1,200 per piece)
Price: NOK 24,900 + 1,200 make-up artist

The price is also individual according to your wishes and requirements, so please write or call so that we can agree on your idea.
* It is possible that after your photo shoot I will still take photos (mostly these are clients for whom this is important (previous illness/before childbirth, etc.)

Photos from a photoshoot for clients here

You only become a serious applicant when you pay a deposit of CZK 5,000,
which is non-refundable due to the provision of premises, professionals and animals, thank you for your understanding =)

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